Pterodactyl is a website content management system for small business built by abstractal Web Design. We build you a website with styles and layouts defined by you and a really user friendly backend. When your site is up live, you can regularly change the content on your website depending on your business needs.

The great thing about having a website such as this one, is that it is optimized for SEO, optimized for mobiles and by changing your content regularly you are keeping your website really fresh and keeping the Google bots happy. Have a look around this website to see how easy it is.

Upload Images Interface

Choose images from your own collection and upload them to your website.

Then proceed to the Edit Images interface to post the image to an area of your site.

Generic placeholder image

Image select and position

After uploading you image, you can now select a location on your website to place it.

Start by selecting the appropriate page from the Tabs menu on the far right, then select the page location where you want to place the image.

The current site image will appear in the far left preview pane and any image you select for replacement will appear in the right preview pane.

Click 'Update Image' button to replace your image.

Generic placeholder image

Generic placeholder image

Home page row I left

It's fairly intuitive to find your way around the site with the pre-determined headings

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It's never too early to start

And it is easy to manipulate both text and headings

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Home page row I right

As you edit your website text, feedback is returned from the database

Edit website text and headings

In order to edit your text simply access Edit site then Edit text.  The text editor is easy to use and even spell checks as you go and the dashboard features comprehensive Help sections.

You can add links to your text, underline, add bold, indent and so on in keeping with the style of the site so your content always looks good.


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